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It’s near you all the time. You can’t put it down. You can’t go an hour without checking it. Your mobile phone is an extension of you. You can admit it, you’re addicted. It’s ok, that’s a good thing. At 360Mobile our mission is to educate businesses everywhere about the power of mobile.

From shopping to SMS messages, our mobile lifestyles are now firmly entrenched within our physical and everyday lives. Every moment is mobile. Isn’t it time your business and marketing makes the leap too?

If you’re skeptical about just how revolutionary mobile has become, you better sit down, cause these statistics will shock you:

  • • 4 billion people now own a mobile phone, only 3.5 billion own a toothbrush
  • • The average person checks their phone up to 150 times per day (are you guilty of this?!)
  • • 4 out of 5 customers use their mobiles to shop
  • • On average, adults spend 141 minutes a day on their mobile device
  • • In five years, mobile is predicted to be bigger than the Internet

Welcome to 360Mobile, where we help businesses like yours navigate the mobile world.

As visionaries. we here at 360Mobile we love everything about mobile and using the platform to move mobile forward. Apps. Mobile websites. Mobile e-commerce. SMS Marketing (and lot’s more). It’s all about engagement, interaction and sharing our enthusiasm and passion with you, that’s why we created the blog. In this space you’ll be able to find everything from cool videos, exclusive 360Mobile content and much more.

In a mobile world, you can either be distinct or go extinct. Which one would you rather be?