5 reasons why SMS will change the way you do business
by:- 360Mobile

As a business, drumming up ways to ramp up your marketing without going over budget can be tough. Sure, there are free platforms out there to help, like Twitter and Facebook, but they don’t always deliver value, especially if you’re not dedicated to them full-time. So how else can you drive engagement, obtain instant reactions and get people through the door without spending a considerable amount on marketing efforts that aren’t always measurable or that guarantee results? Simple - SMS marketing.

SMS is a vital marketing tool for any business looking to expand their current customer base, or obtain new ones. Below, 360Mobile outlines five reasons why your business needs an SMS marketing campaign right now:

5.) Cost effective

Marketing campaigns are expensive. When you factor in research and development, messaging, collateral and then final �launch, the final tab can be a hefty one. Unlike traditional and digital marketing campaigns, SMS marketing is cost effective. For one, often flat rate, you can send messages to customers who want to hear from you. Send out custom, real-time messages that will keep them in the know about what’s going on in your business, for about half the cost of other marketing campaigns.

4.) ROI can be instant

With a single SMS marketing message, your return on investment can be instant. Once your customers opt-in to your SMS campaign, you can connect and communicate with them in real-time! Offer them deals, tell them to sign up for contests, send them exclusive information! Since the messages are sent directly to them, you know they’ll open it! Statistics prove that text messages are opened within 90 seconds! When was the last time your other marketing campaigns were that instant?

3.) Start a conversation

The goal of any marketing campaign is to start a conversation or draw awareness about a specific product, service or business. Social media is great for engaging customers, but SMS is better. On Facebook and Twitter, distractions are common - so much to see, so little time. SMS is efficient, engaging and most importantly, personal. They opted in cause they want to hear from you and your business. Use SMS to entice them with offers and contests, They’re already talking to their friends and family, join in!

2.) �Create collaborative campaigns

One of the great things about an SMS is that with one message, you can fully integrate all of your marketing efforts! Just launched a new website? Or have a promotion on Facebook? Send an SMS to your customers and let them know! By bridging the gap between social media communication and a more personalized approach via SMS, it will not only allow your customers to hear more about you, but you can drive attention and engagement with one message!

1.) Build brand loyalty

We saved the best and (probably) most important reason for last. For any business, building brand loyalty is top priority. An integrated SMS campaign is a great step to not only staying on the top of mind of your customers, but it’s a great way to spread the word about what your business is doing - allowing for further engagement, interactions and connections to be had with those who want to hear from you!

SMS marketing allows you to be consistent, tell stories and deliver personal experiences that focus on the needs of your customers. No matter the industry you’re in, building brand loyalty not only helps you grow your business, but it makes it more endearing to both existing customers and new ones.

By using the tips outlined in this article, your business will be well on its way to building brand loyalty, starting conversations and creating collaborating campaigns - all within budget and with instant reactions attached!

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